Our story

AirLief was initiated in 2017 by a group of engineers and designers who wanted to prove that people didn’t have to compromise to wear a mask – that masks can be better, reliable, and more fun to wear.

While working on the mask the team was convinced on a daily basis of the need for a personal air quality advisor, which was not available at the time, and realized how useful it would be for millions of people worldwide.

Today, AirLief produces reliable masks with its own style and the AirLief app has thousands of users from 71 countries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide people with a smart and effective solution to respiratory health from pollution and viruses in the air. That’s why the name AirLief was born from the combination of 2 precious words: Air and Relief.

Our Mission

Our goal is to prevent diseases caused by air pollution and improve the lives of all people living in environments with poor air quality – regardless of whether they have sensitive lungs or not.

Our Values

We at AirLief believe the sooner the world realizes the importance of
prevention over treatment, the better. 
This is a way to save many lives. On time.



Creating a smart solution with maximum protection.


AirLief Mask was introduced to the market in November 2019. AirLief did start as a local enterprise and managed to become a brand known for its reliability, style and authenticity. In the few months after starting manufacturing, AirLief steadily acquired thousands of happy customers around Europe, USA, India, Singapore, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia, and even China.


Today, AirLief produces 100% reliable and safe masks with a classy design that fit the personality and style of our valued customers around the world. Designed by us, styled by you.



Reaching 50 000 downloads from  71 countries.

In April 2018, the AirLief App was launched. This App is a social innovation developed together with the health NGO “Air for Health”. The application has an air quality database from over 90 countries with health information and automatic personalization tools. It is free and despite not having been advertised, it already has 10 000 daily users from 71 countries.


Commercial Pricing Available

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