We care for air… and more specifically how air pollution affects human health.

Our Mission is to reduce the number of people that become ill or die from air pollution through nice looking, useful and pragmatic products and services.

Airlief is a company that is developing new innovative ways to fight against polluted air and its consequences. We are testing newest technologies, materials, and software to provide citizens with suitable products and communicate clearly about the problem with air pollution.


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We are a team of engineers, designers, computer programmers, athletes and doctors that take the problem with air pollution very personally. We are strong believers that we can create a cleaner world and we are making small steps towards the Grand Clean Plan. Our Greater Goal is to save one life a day.

We live with air pollution. It is almost impossible to avoid it. Data shows that on average air pollution in cities increases every year, all around the world (the WHO). We obviously need different and innovative approaches to fight against air pollution and protect people. Our team is providing this new approaches based on creativity and innovation.