Here you will see how to fix the mask

These are short instructions with pictures for how to fix the mask properly.


   Frequently Asked Questions

   Change Filters


А decision must be made between whether the mask fits well or is easy to put on the face. We chose to make no compromise on how the mask fits the face so there is a bit of a learning curve in the beginning so this will help.

But relax, when you get used to it, it is extremely comfortable to wear such a mask.



1)Adjust the length of the elastic bands.

In the beginning, try with a longer length.

Open the filter and make a nice pocket.

The nose clip in the filter and should be on top.



2) Put the two elastic bands on top of the mask.



3) Fix the mask on your face.

Do not rush and adjust it carefully.

The bottom part of the mask should go nicely under the chin and the top should fit nicely around the nose

… And YES, it is designed even for Beardos 😉


4) Pull the elastic bands.

Choose how to be configured. It is most effective to have the upper band above the ear, the lower band below it.

In this way, the mask does not come down even if you ride a bicycle.


5) Adjust again the length of the straps so it is comfortable and no air enters from outside.

You are ready to go.


 1) Outer layer can be washed by hand (washing machine is also possible but the material gets worn out more quickly) 

2) Valves can be washed with water.

3) To disinfect the filter there are 3 ways:

– High temperature (70°C, in Fahrenheit 158°F)

– Hot water vapor 

– UV light, used by most of the medical professionals

 We are sharing part of an article where are tested different ways to disinfect filters with meltblown fiber, like our filters:



Frequently Asked Questions

Which side is up?

The top side has 2 velcros, the bottom – one.

Another way to check is to see where is the metal strap of the filter. The metal strap should go be the top and to squeeze it around the nose.

Should the velcro stick to the filter?

No. The purpose of velcro is to have better cohesion between the textile and the filter and not let the textile moving constantly… but yet not to stick to the filter.

In order to stick velcro, an additional part must be sewn. We tried it during the design process, but the added value is not great and we need to add a part that will discarded together with the filter (something we don’t like).

Change Filters

 “When should we change the filters” is an often asked question. It depends on how often you use it and how bad is the air quality outside.

Firstly it gets harder to breathe from it, also the filter starts to smell bad, and even changes its color.


Here are a few steps to change the filter of the mask: 

1) Unscrew the black valves

2) Remove the filter from the mask

3)  Apply the new filter

4) Carefully screw the valve. Do NOT over screw the valve as there are no stoppers and you can brake the bottom part. 


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