AirLief Mask

Mask against viruses and pollution for city life.
You’ll both look cool and feel safe.

AirLief Mask

Mask against viruses and pollution for city life.
You’ll both look cool and feel safe.

Stay Protected


The AirLief Mask has FFP2 (N95) certified protection that keeps you protected from: 

Blends with Your style and everyday life

– Recycled textile.

– Comfortable.

– Cool.

Design and functionality


The AirLief Mask is specially designed to assure that You get maximum protection and comfort.




  • Fits comfortably on the face
  • Prevents leakage

5-layered filter media

  • Helps filter out dust and odours
  • Large filter area that Maximises filter life
  • Easy breathing

Exhaust valves

  • Moisture and heat are released easily
  • Valves with lock/unlock system for easy change of filters


2 reflective adjustable straps

  • Easy to adjust on the face
  • No pressure on the ears or nose
  • Comfortable when cycling

Special 3D structure

  • Keeps filtration away from the face
  • Larger filtering area
  • Easier to breath 

    Environmentally friendly and ECO


    – Washable

    – Long-lasting materials

    – Recycled textile

    – 3D knitting technology that reduces waste during production

    Cycling or Walking,
    AirLief mask is your right choice


    With much bigger filtering area than the usual masks on the market. This is why breathing is rather easier and smoother with the AirLief Mask. Designed with urban cyclists and runners.


    • airlief_camo

      AirLief® Mask Camouflage

    • airlief_mask_grey

      AirLief® Mask Gray

    • PROMO! filters-and-valves

      Filters with Activated Carbon and valves (2 filters + 2 valves)

      34.00лв. 29.95лв.
    • AirLief-mask-for-child

      Masks for children (3 masks)


    Chose from two designs


    You’ll be able to choose from many new different designs and also brand your mask in the future!


    Grey Camouflage

    A more urban and sportsy AirLief mask with exquisitly knitted pattern.

    Stylish Grey

    The perfect fit for elegant or casual outfits. Beautifully knitted to make You feel cozy and cool!

    How to use


    Our mask works for most, but not all people. Optimal fit is achieved with sizing as per the diagram below.


    Squeeze the noseband to ensure that the air is flowing through the mask and not around it.

    How to put on the mask


    When to change the filter?

    It depends on the Pollution level, humidity, and intensity of breathing. If you are cycling regularly the filter is good to be changed every month. The filter is durable and instructions for disinfection can be found here


    Do I have to pay for delivery?

    Check out in the billing. Usually yes but sometimes we make promotions with delivery free months.

    If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?

    Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just write us an email on hello@airlief.com

    Is the mask efficient enough against smog?

    Yes! The multi-layer filter media provides progressively compressed fiber layers to capture a broad range of air pollution particles. “N” classification masks filter fine particles such as PM2.5.

    How can make sure that the mask fits well on the face?

    Mask must be fitted properly to filter effectively.  Please  see “SIZING” and make sure that the size we provide will fit you well. Yet thanks to its design and the double strap – the mask is easily adjustable.

    Can it filter paint and other chemicals?

    No! The Mask does not filter industrial chemicals or oil-based particles (e.g. paint). It is designed for smog and filtering fine particles.

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