PM 2.5 and Ischemic Stroke Hospitalization (2019)

The associations between PM2.5 constituents and hospitalization for ischemic stroke (the predominant subtype of stroke). This is the main objective of the research conducted in 2019 by the School of Public Health in Shanghai and the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center.

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The time-series study explored 27 constituents of PM2.5 and 4186 ischemic stroke hospitalizations for the period of two years in Shanghai, China.

And the Result

The associations of ischemic stroke were consistently significant with elemental carbon and several elemental constituents (Chromium, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Arsenic, Selenium, and Lead).






Percent Change in Ischemic Stroke Hospitalization (%)
Source: Wang (2019)

The associations were much stronger in the cool season than in the warm season.

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The study provides suggestive evidence that elemental carbon and some metallic elements may be mainly responsible for the risks of ischemic stroke hospitalization induced by short-term PM2.5 exposure.

The study is important for understanding the underlying biological mechanisms and developing air pollution control policies.

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