Air Quality, Health and Tips

A social innovation developed together with medical physicians and air pollution experts.

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Welcome to the Air Quality app you never knew you wanted.

Air Quality Information

AirLief takes air quality information from more than 15000 stations in 75+ countries.

Health Information

Developed by medical physicians, giving insights from the most recent medical researches.

Personalized protection tips

Easy to follow tailored tips based on your profile and needs, changing based on the air quality.

The Problem

Air quality apps today just show you the data. Questioning yourself: "Ok, air is polluted, and so what?".

Not Airlief! Airlief gives you harmonized data from multiple sources, together with Real-Life tips and Health Info that are personalized to you.

Introducing Airlief App

Real-life Results

Created together with medical physicians

We created 74 easy-to-follow tips. With their help you'll can easily to adapt to the air pollution.

  • Instant tips
  • Tips depending on the air quality
  • Tips designed for different groups

Made personal for you

Bad air affects us all, but its impact differs from person to person

You can personalize the app by answering 6 questions. After that, the health information and the tips are tailored to your condition and needs.

  • Tailored tips for you
  • Anonymous personalization
  • Accurate health information

Complex data made easy

Raw data transformed into a simple and easy-to-understand way

Different air pollutants turned in AQI.

An air quality index (AQI) is used by government agencies to communicate to the public how polluted the air currently is. As the AQI increases, an increasingly large percentage of the population is likely to experience increasingly severe adverse health effects.

Combination between Official Governmental and Low-cost Citizen stations

We believe that citizen stations democratize the air quality analisys, give additional value to the mesh and if not absolutely accurate - they are relatively accurate. This is the reason why we put them both together on a map that is built by us on Google and Apple Maps. But don't worry, you still can see data only from official stations, if you decide and still not trust the others.

  • Custom Google and Apple maps that clearly represent the AQI
  • Data from citizen stations

Become part of the community, become part of the team

Thanks to the app, we share local and international meaningful initiatives connected with the fight against air pollution and all of us can become part of them. Not only do medical physicians help you with this app but you help them as well. Through your interaction with the app, e.g. when you like and share the tips, ask questions etc. experts behind the app understand how to deliver the information in a better way.

How to Use

With the lowest possible friction before reaching the Wow moment. To use the full functionalities of the app, just do 2 simple things, but still, it can also work without them.

1. Allow geolocation

Accept the call for geolocation or not - it is your decision. Geolocation is used to give you precised data from sensors and also calculate your personanal exposure to air pollution.

2. Personalize the app

Personalize your profile by completing the questionnaire. Completely anonymous, this allows the app to give you tailored health information and tips but also how it affects you.

3. Adapt & Enjoy

That's it! Go and test all the functionalities. This mobile app is not just for checking the air quality - it is much more.

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